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  • Gift Pack with Personalised Card 6 x Packets vegetable seeds



    Gift Pack

    Give Family members the wonderful gift of Seeds

    6 Packets of seeds

    With personalised card.

    1 x Cayenne Chili 40 seeds 1 x Jalapeno Chilli 40 seeds 1 x Roma Tomato 50 seeds

    1 x Sweetie Tomato 60 seeds 1 x Basil 200 seeds 1 x Italian Parsley 200 seeds

    If you prefer different seeds than above simply go through our store and 

    email us the 6 packets you would like sent.

    When you purchase this Gift Pack please send us the description you want on the card.


    Happy Birthday Mum

    Lots of love

    Sandy & John

    Tyler & Ben


    We will post the order off same day free postage.

    And be assured all of our seed will produce the same plant year after year, we only have organic, heirloom and open pollinated seeds. So when you grow the plant and save it's seeds, you will be able to reproduce the identical plant every time. Unlike GMO seeds or Hybrids, which are one time use.