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  • Wild Garlic Allum Ursinum 20 Seeds


    Wild Garlic  20 Seeds

    ( Allum Ursinum )

    Wild garlic is a perennial plant that grows from bulbils. There are several species of wild garlic. Wild garlic is sometimes cultivated as an ornamental but can be hard to control as it spreads. Container planting will control the spread.

    Descriptions and Life Cycle:

    • Plants grow to 3 feet tall.
    • Plant grows from a cluster of bulbs covered with papery sheath.
    • Stems are stiff and erect; leaves grow from lower half of stems.
    • Leaves of some species are hollow and round with a pointed tip; other species leaves are entire and elliptical.
    • Basal sheath encircles stems.
    • Umbel of 6 to 20 whitish-green flowers on some species; others produce aerial bulbils rather than flowers.
    • Form underground bulbs that overwinter.
    • Blooms late spring to early summer.
    • Reproduces from seeds, dropped aerial bulbils, and bulbs.
    • Tolerates almost any soil.

    Root System: Wild garlic grows from narrow underground bulbs. Bulbs store nutrients and can generate new plants even after several seasons underground.

    Wild garlic