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  • Watermelon Moon & Stars 10 Seeds


    Moon & Stars Watermelon 10 Seeds

    citrullus lanatus

    • Watermelons require 70 to 85 days from transplanting—which means about 110 days overall from seeding to ripe fruit. Watermelons that require the shortest season include Garden Baby (75 days) and Sugar Baby (80 days); these are among the smallest watermelons weighing in the 7 to 10 pound range at maturity.

    Melon family crops have deep taproots that seek out soil moisture. Direct watering will cool off and slow the growth of these heat-loving crops, so if irrigation is necessary where you live, water at the edge of growing hills or beds, not directly on or at the base of plants so as not to slow growth. Where irrigation is required and the weather is hot, give melon family crops 1 to 2 inches of water each week.

    Bright red flesh, very sweet, thin tough skin, round, dark green speckled Moon & Star spots. and 5-6 kg, 

    very early and popular home garden and market variety since 1955, suited to cooler climates, 

    drought resistant. 68-86 days.