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Hollyhock The Watchman 50 Seeds


Holyhock The Watchman 50 Seeds

( Aclea rosea)

This old fashioned garden favourite is popular among many people.

Hollyhocks are easy to grow, but they are not without their problems. When growing hollyhock flowers, you need to keep an eye out for rust. Rust will typically attack the lower leaves but it may spread to upper leaves. To help keep rust to a minimum, some tips on hollyhocks include: Remember to water from below Treatment with a fungicide Make sure the plant has good air circulation All of these tips should help but will probably not eliminate the rust problem. Your best bet is to keep rust contained to the lower branches so the problem will only affect the leaves and not the flowers. Now that you know how to plant hollyhocks and how to grow hollyhocks, you can grow these wonderful flowers in your garden. Growing hollyhocks in your garden will add some drama and exciting height.

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Hardy biennial, Old English favourite, prefers full sunlight, sheltered position or staked.

Tolerates light frost, likes rich soils, sow late summer and autumn.