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Four O'Clocks Tall Mix 20 Seeds


Four O'Clocks Tall Mix 20 Seeds

 ( Mirabilis jalapa )

1. Prepare. Loosen soil to a depth of 150 mm to 200 mm using a shovel or fork, and mix in some compost to improve the soil structure and drainage. Fertilise with a slow-release fertiliser. Rake the soil smooth, removing any large clumps and rocks.

2. Plant. Sow Four o’clock seeds directly in the garden in spring or early summer, about 10 mm deep and 100 mm to 150 mm apart; cover seeds lightly with soil and press gently.

3. Grow. Water the soil to keep it moist for a week or two, until seeds germinate. Once seedlings are 75 mm tall, thin them by removing extra plants so the remaining ones are at least 300 mm apart. Pull weeds that sprout nearby, and apply organic mulch, such as bark chips, to control weeds and conserve soil moisture. Water during period of summer drought..

4. Enjoy. Four o’clocks begin flowering in mid- to late summer, and continue into Autumn. Enjoy the multicoloured blooms, the fragrance, and the hummingbirds that the tubular flowers may attract in the evening. 

Flowers open late afternoon till morning, tolerates dry conditions,

any average soils, sow after frost, likes full Sun, seed depth 10 mm.