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  • Cosmos Bright Lights Mix 50 Flower Seeds


    Cosmos Bright Lights Mix 50 Seeds

    ( Cosmos sulphureus)

    • If you want a head start, you can plant cosmos indoors 4 to 6 weeks before the last frost in trays or pots with a good seed-starting mixture. Seedlings grow fast, so move them into 125 mm pots as soon as they’re 100 mm tall.
    • Plant seeds in moist, well-drained soil about 5 mm deep and 300 to 400 mm apart after the danger of frost has passed. You can also plant transplants instead of seeds. These also like soil that is not too rich, as rich soil will encourage foliage at the expense of bloom.
    • Cosmos flowers can tolerate warm, dry weather.
    • Depending on the type of flower, cosmos can grow anywhere between 400 to 600 mm tall.
    • If you are growing cosmos from seeds, be mindful that it takes about 7 weeks to first bloom. After that, though, your flowers should continue to bloom until the next frost.
    • If you let the spiky-brown seed heads blow away during Autumn, cosmos might sow themselves throughout your garden.

    Beautiful flowers a bright mix of colours including yellow, red, gold and orange. 

    Good for borders and as a cut flower. Attracts butterflies to the garden. Easy to grow. Tolerates poor soil.