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  • Coleus Rainbow Mix 200 Flower Seeds


    Coleus Rainbow Mix 200 Seeds

    Coleus blumei

    Coleus plants come in a wide range of colour combinations and leaf patterns. Some are green marked with ivory, ochre, apricot, brown, pink, red, or purple. A few are of solid colour; most have two-tone borders or speckles.

    Coleus For Pots, Planters and Borders

    Coleus adjust beautifully to life in pots or planters, or in flower beds or borders. 

    If you keep a plant in a small container it will stay quite small.

    But, transfer it to a larger pot or into the open garden and it may grow over 600 mm tall during warm weather.

    Florist strain, form dense brilliant coloured heart shaped leaves, 

    plant to 40 cm, also suited to pots.

     Plant Spring to Summer