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  • Chamomile German 1500 Seeds


    Chamomile German 1500 Seeds

    ( Matricaria recutita )

    An erect annual (Matricaria recutita), with small, daisylike flowers, is used to make chamomile tea and posesses a number of medicinal qualities.

    German Chamomile seeds are one of the few seeds that need light to germinate, so starting them by seed is a delicate process. It is best planted outdoors in August by broadcasting the seed and mixing very lightly with the soil. Alternatively, they can be started indoors in propagation flats in March and transplanted outdoors after a hardening off period. In most cases, direct planting in the garden after all chance of frost has passed are successful, as well. Once they are firmly established, German Chamomile is extremely hardy.

    Chamomile tea can be sprayed on propagation flats to prevent damping off. It is also believed to increase the absorption of calcium when added to a compost pile.

     Used for a relaxing fine flavoured tea and as a gentle sleep aid. 

    Leaves and flowers are antiseptic.