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  • Catnip 400 seeds

    Catnip 400 Seeds
    Nepeta cataria

    Catnip herb grows best in well draining soil in the full sun, but will tolerate part sun and a wide variety of soil types. Once catnip plants are established, they need very little in the way of care. They don’t need to be fertilised, as fertiliser can decrease the potency of their smell and flavor. They only need to be provided with water beyond rainfall if you are growing catnip in pots or if you are having drought conditions. Catnip can become invasive in some areas so you need to take steps to control it. Catnip plants spread readily by seed so in order to control its spread, you’ll need to remove the flowers before they go to seed. Growing catnip can be rewarding. Now that you know a few facts about how to grow catnip, you (and your cat) can enjoy this wonderful herb.

     Native to southern and eastern Europe, the Middle East, central Asia, and parts of China.

    Your cat will love playing in the catnip bushes.