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  • Cape Gooseberry 100 Seeds


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    Cape Gooseberry Golden Nugget 100 Seeds

    Physalis edulis

    This spindly bush can grow up to two meters tall in the right conditions and can be the same in width. Produces lots of yellow flowers with purple centres which then turn into small soft green lanterns, where the orange coloured fruit grows inside. Cherry tomato in size and a very unusual sweet taste. 

    Make sure you have plenty of space around the plant as it will grow wild. Can be grown in a large pot or in well drained soil, preferably in a greenhouse.Keep well watered until established and in dry weather and trim back side shoots if it starts to take over. Gently squeeze the lantern and if you can feel a baby tomato sized fruit growing this is when you need to start feeding, not before otherwise it will not produce any fruit.

     Does well on light to heavy soils with good drainage and high organic and phosphorus. 

    Sweet golden berry encased in a papery lantern.