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  • Asian Vegetable & Herb Seeds Special 16 packets



    Asian Vegetable & Herb Special 16 packets

    This is great value to get your Asian garden underway. 

    16 Packets Asian type Vegetables

    Fantastic way to start your Asian vegetables for great Asian cooking


    1 X Suyo Long Cucumber Cucumber Suyo Long 20 vegetable seeds

    1 x Chinese Choy Sum Chinese Choy Sum 200 Vegetable Seeds

    1 x Cabbage Chinese Wong Bok Cabbage Chinese Wong Bok 200 Vegetable Seeds

     1 x Tat Soi Cabbage Tat Soi Chinese Cabbage 200 Vegetable Seeds

    1 x Osaka Purple Mustard Mustard Osaka Purple 50 Seeds

     1 x China Rose Radish Radish China Rose 50 Seeds

    1x Chinese Michihli Cabbage Cabbage Chinese Michihli 100 Seeds 

    1 x Pak Choy Kwang Moon Pak Choy Kwang Moon 100 Seeds

    1 x Bok Choy Cabbage Cabbage Bok Choy Organic 100 Seeds 

    1 x Thai Pink Egg Tomato Tomato Thai Pink Egg 50 Vegetable Seeds

    1 x Thai Hot Chilli Chilli Thai Hot 30 vegetable seeds 

    1 x Garlic Chives Garlic Chives 100 Seeds

    1 x Lemon Basil Basil Lemon 200 Herb Seeds 

    1 x Coriander Coriander Slowbolt 100 Seeds

    1 x Cumin Cumin 200 Herb Seeds 

    1 x Chives Chives 200 Seeds

    And be assured all of our seed will produce the same plant year after year, we only have organic, heirloom and open pollinated seeds. So when you grow the plant and save it's seeds, you will be able to reproduce the identical plant every time. Unlike GMO seeds or Hybrids, which are one time use.