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Ageratum Market Growers Blue 300 Seeds


Ageratum Market Growers Blue 300 Seeds

 ( Ageratum Mexicana )

How to Plant Ageratum 

Ageratum plants may be started from seed when the soil has warmed outside. Cover seeds lightly, as seeds of ageratum plants need sunlight to germinate. For an early start to blooms of the ageratum flower, start seeds indoors eight to 10 weeks before planting in the spring garden. Caring for Ageratum An annual and sometimes perennial flower, the ageratum flower blooms from spring until fall when receiving proper care. 

Caring for Ageratum

Regular watering until the plant is established. Use warm water to irrigate the plant for a bounty of blue blooms. You should also deadhead spent blooms as needed to encourage more flowers. Growing and caring for ageratum is simple. Stick with the popular blue blooms of the ageratum, deadhead as needed and enjoy the simple blue flower in your garden this year.

Ageratum grows well in the sun or partial shade, from early summer to first frost.

Sow seeds directly in garden or raise in seed trays, sow 5 mm deep and keep moist.