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Mega Seed Bank

I have been asked many times to create a Mega Seed Bank for people to keep in reserve. I always advise people to grow their own vegetables and then save the seed to create their own seed bank. But I realise many people don't have a wide variety of seeds on hand at any given time.

 I do encourage those who purchase this Mega Seed Bank package to make sure they grow the produce, and learn the skill of seed saving. Not only will this keep them in constant supply of food, it will allow them to share their excess seeds with others. It's not that I believe this World will end, but the supply of food today is taken for granted.

With ever increasing pressure of a World with a population expanding, and the ever increasing cost of shop bought foods, it makes sense to have a supply of seeds on hand. Let me explain my rationale, we take out house insurance, car insurance, income insurance and even life insurance, so to have a seed bank is logical to have FOOD INSURANCE.

And be assured all of our seed will produce the same plant year after year, we only have organic, heirloom and open pollinated seeds. So when you grow the plant and save it's seeds, you will be able to reproduce the identical plant every time. Unlike GMO seeds or Hybrids, which are one time use.


Mega Seed Bank

1 x Asparagus-25 seeds
1 x Gourmet Bush Bean-30 seeds
1 x Broad Bean-15 seeds
1 x Cherokee Bean-30 seeds
1 x Purple King Bean-30 seeds
1 x Red Kidney Bean-20 seeds
1 x Beetroot Cylindra-100 seeds
1 x Beetroot Detroit-100 seeds

1 x Beetroot Chioggia-100 seeds

1 x Broccoli Calabrese-200 seeds
1 x  Broccoli Di Cicco-200 seeds
1 x Brussels Sprouts-100 seeds
1 x Golden Acre Cabbage-200 seeds
1 x Red Acre Cabbage-100 seeds
1 x Baby Amsterdam Carrot-200 seeds
1 x Collard Champion-200 seeds
1 x Little Finger carrots-500 seeds
1 x Snowball Cauliflower-100 seeds
1 x Rockmelon Hales Jumbo-30 seeds
1 x Marketmore Cucumber-30 seeds
1 x Lebanese Cucumber-15 seeds
1 x Long Purple Eggplant-40 seeds
1 x Rosa Bianca Eggplant-40 seeds
1 x Cavolo Nero Kale-200 seeds
1 x Purple Kohl Rabi-200 seeds
1 x Leek Autumn Giant-300 seeds
1 x Oakleaf Red Lettuce-300
1 x Iceberg Lettuce-150 seeds
1 x Parris Island Cos Lettuce-250 seeds
1 x Oakleaf Green Lettuce-200 seeds
1 x Okra Clemson Spinless-30 seeds
1 x Brown Onion-150 seeds
1 x White Onion-150 seeds
1 x Spring Onion-150 seeds
1 x English Spinach-100 seeds
1 x Lincoln Greenfeast Peas-30 seeds
1 x Mammoth Snow Pea-30 seeds
1 x Sugar Snap Pea-30 seeds
1 x Butternut Pumpkin-15 seeds
1 x Big Max Pumpkin-10 seeds
1 x  Radish Cherry Bell-100 seeds
1 x Lemon Balm-500 seeds
1 x beetroot Chioggia-30 seeds
1 x Rockmelon Honey Dew-30 seeds
1 x Silverbeet Fordhook Giant-50 seeds
1 x Silverbeet Ruby Red-50 seeds
1 x Spinach Bloomsdale-200 seeds
1 x Yellow Squash-15 seeds
1 x White Squash-15 seeds
1 x Spaghetti Squash-10 seeds
1 x Zucchini Black Beauty-20 seeds
1 x Zucchini Golden-20 seeds
1 x Turnip White Globe-200 seeds
1 x Watermelon Charleston Grey-20 seeds
1 x Sugar Baby Watermelon-30 seeds
1 x Pumpkin Queensland Blue-10 seeds
+10 x Varieties of Tomatoes

+10 x varieties of Chillies & Capsicums

+ 10 packets of Herbs

Total 85 packets of vegetable and herb seeds