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  • Early Bird Spring Special 30 packets of vegetable seeds

    $105.00 $87.00

    **Early Bird Spring Special**

    Great Gift Idea

    Spring is nearly upon us, here is a great special for your spring planting.


    30 Packets of seeds to kick start the season.

    Little Finger Carrots 500 seeds

    Beetroot Cylindra 100 seeds

    Lettuce Parris Island  250 seeds

    Lettuce Buttercrunch 200 seeds

    Onion Brown Early 150 seeds

    Onion Red Rippa 150 seeds

    Onion Spring 150 seeds

    Brandywine Tomato 20 seeds

    Beefsteak Tomato 50 seeds

    Cherry Tomato Tommy Toe 60 seeds

    Yellow Grosse Lisse Tomato 50 seeds

    Butternut Pumpkin 10 seeds

    Big Max Pumpkin 10 seeds

    Sugar baby Watermelon 20 seeds

    Radish French Breakfast 100 seeds

    Rockmelon Hales Jumbo 30 seeds

    Silverbeet Fordhook Giant 50 seeds

    Silverbeet rainbow 50 seeds

    Yellow Squash 15 seeds

    Rocket Salad Greens 100 seeds

    Cayenne Chilli 40 seeds

    Serrano Chilli 50 seeds

    Jalapeno Chilli 40 seeds

    Capsicum Chocolate 30 seeds

    Big  Jim Chilli 20 seeds

    Capsicum California 50 seeds

    Parsley Triple Curl 200 seeds

    Chives 200 seeds

    Coriander 100 seeds

    Basil Genovese 200 seeds

    And be assured all of our seed will produce the same plant year after year, we only have organic, heirloom and open pollinated seeds. So when you grow the plant and save it's seeds, you will be able to reproduce the identical plant every time. Unlike GMO seeds or Hybrids, which are one time use.