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Linaria Fairy Bouquet 2000 Seeds



Linaria Fairy Bouquet 2000 Seeds

( Linaria moroccano )

Linaria has fine linear leaves that are arranged in whorls around the stem. Small snapdragon-like flowers most often in purple-violet but sometimes in pink and white are borne at the tops of the stems.

Great for mass planting and bedding displays and can also be used for cut flowers.

They come in a variety of flower colour combinations.

Linaria 'Fairy Bouquet' - plant grows to 24 cm mix of flowers colours from pinks, oranges, Yellow, Lavender and white.

Soil: An enriched soil with reliable moisture.

Maintenance: Before planting prepare the bed with organic fertiliser, and feed fortnightly with liquid fertiliser until two weeks before you want them to flower. Pinch off spent flower heads to encourage repeat flowering.

Winter flowering annual for borders, lightly cover seeds keep moist.

Sow direct Autumn and early Winter.