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  • Carrot Topweight 300 Vegetable Seeds




     Hello, enjoy your selection of traditional open pollinated varieties of vegetable seeds.

    Delicious home grown vegetables.


    In this pack you will receive the following 300 seeds. 

    Carrot Topweight


    Direct sow outside in early spring. Can be Autumn planted. Plant about 50 mm apart and 5 mm below soil surface.

    You can sow closer, then thin later. Rows should be spaced at 500-600 mm apart.

    These long carrots produce well, even in heavy soil. Crisp, sweet and delicious, and ready in as little as 65 days.

      Can be planted as early as 3 weeks before last frost, and every 2 weeks for continued harvest.

    Likes sunny position with well drained soil.


    Planting Guide

    Not sure what climate your in?

    ( Local conditions may vary )

    Cool Climate-September-February

    Temperate Climate-August-May

    Sub Tropical-February-November

    Tropical Climate-February-November