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  • Capsicum Marconi Red 30 seeds


    Capsicum Marconi Red

    Capsicum annuum

    30 vegetable seeds

    Sweet Pepper ‘Marconi Red’ is an Italian bred variety. They produce much sweeter and tastier fruits. 

    Incredibly sweet and beautiful, these long, slim sweet peppers are the gourmet's choice. 
    They have a wonderful taste and feature sweet skin, medium thick flesh and a mild and juicy flavour. 
    This variety is often used for roasting and frying but also tastes wonderful when eaten fresh.

    High in minerals and vitamins A and C. Known in tropical America from ancient times. 
    In southern areas seeds can be started indoors and transplanted as an annual or plant as for tomatoes after last frost, in warmer areas can grow as a perennial.
     Likes sunny position with well drained soil, add lime for near neutral pH. Keep seed moist.